Jul 19, 2019

Tuff-Tiles Walkways Construction

Construction of Tuff-Tiles Walkway

Contractor: MYC (https://www.m-y-c.ml)
Client: MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co.
Consultant: GASCO Engineering Services.

1) Excavation and Leveling

2) Concreting

3) Tuff-Tiles Installation

Construction of RC Road & Crane Platform

Construction of RCC Road and Crane Platform

Contractor: MYC (https://www.m-y-c.ml)
Client : MOL Pakistan
Consultant : Gasco Engineering Services 

1)Construction of RCC Road and RCC Platform for Heavy Crane.

Lean Concrete for RC Road

Lean Concrete for Heavy Crane Slab

Compacted Road

Layout of Road

Cross-Section of Road Concrete Bed

Concrete Mixer

Panel Concreting

Dowel Bar for Expansion Joint B/W Concrete Panels

Pipe Fixes in Dowel Bar for a Smooth Movement at Expansion Joint when concrete Expand or Contract

Concrete Finishing

Steel Mesh Welding According to A252 wire mesh standards