Mar 14, 2019

Machine's Foundations

MYC ( has perfomed the following jobs at MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co B.V and Gasco Engineering Services.
  1. Constructions of Compressor forndations.
  2. Inlet Separator Foundations
  3. Pipe Sleepers
  4. Solar Light Pole foundations
  5. RCC Floors
  6. Pavement with Tuff Tiles
Inlet Separator Foundations

Compressor foundations

RCC Floors

Edges of Concrete getting smooth by grinder

Excavator in Use

Pipe Sleepers foundations

Pipe Sleeeper foundations

Whole Site

Drain Channel Constructions

Nuts & Bolts

Pipe Sleepers

Burns of extra Gas

Evaporation Pond & Liner Sheet Installation

Construction of Evaporation Pond for chemical produced water and Installation of Liner Sheet at MOL Paksiatan Oil and Gas Co B.V, Tolanj Distt. Kohat.
The Project has been completed about 20 days.

Contractor: MYC (
Slope Formation

Compaction and Slope formation

Leveling of Base

Liner Sheet Roll

Leveling by Excavator

Ready to Install Liner Sheet

Fence Gate Fixed

Equally distribute Sand to form a smooth surface

Liner Sheet Installation

Liner Sheet Installation

Extrusion Weld of layer of Liner Sheet

Liner Sheet Installed