Jul 19, 2019

Tuff-Tiles Walkways Construction

Construction of Tuff-Tiles Walkway

Contractor: MYC (https://www.m-y-c.ml)
Client: MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co.
Consultant: GASCO Engineering Services.

1) Excavation and Leveling

2) Concreting

3) Tuff-Tiles Installation

Construction of RC Road & Crane Platform

Construction of RCC Road and Crane Platform

Contractor: MYC (https://www.m-y-c.ml)
Client : MOL Pakistan
Consultant : Gasco Engineering Services 

1)Construction of RCC Road and RCC Platform for Heavy Crane.

Lean Concrete for RC Road

Lean Concrete for Heavy Crane Slab

Compacted Road

Layout of Road

Cross-Section of Road Concrete Bed

Concrete Mixer

Panel Concreting

Dowel Bar for Expansion Joint B/W Concrete Panels

Pipe Fixes in Dowel Bar for a Smooth Movement at Expansion Joint when concrete Expand or Contract

Concrete Finishing

Steel Mesh Welding According to A252 wire mesh standards

May 16, 2019

Concreting at Site

Function of Vibrator: To remove voids and air entrped in Concrete

Apr 20, 2019

Decanting Pit Wall Concreting

Decanting Pit for Chemical Produced Water Storage

Decanting Pit has been constructed at MOL Pakistan West 1 for chemical produced water to store water and then further it decanted and injected to a well which has several Kilometer depth.

All the Civil related activities in the premises of MOL Pakistan are conducted by Muhammad Yousaf Construction Company (MYC).

Mar 14, 2019

Machine's Foundations

MYC ( https://www.m-y-c.ml) has perfomed the following jobs at MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co B.V and Gasco Engineering Services.
  1. Constructions of Compressor forndations.
  2. Inlet Separator Foundations
  3. Pipe Sleepers
  4. Solar Light Pole foundations
  5. RCC Floors
  6. Pavement with Tuff Tiles
Inlet Separator Foundations

Compressor foundations

RCC Floors

Edges of Concrete getting smooth by grinder

Excavator in Use

Pipe Sleepers foundations

Pipe Sleeeper foundations

Whole Site

Drain Channel Constructions

Nuts & Bolts

Pipe Sleepers

Burns of extra Gas